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last updated
04 January 2001

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A Message From Rabbi Davis
In his recent book, Celebrating Life, the
Chief Rabbi, Professor Jonathan Sacks wrote:

"Community is society on a human scale, where they notice when you are missing and take the trouble to find out why. It is where you are there for other people and they are there for you. Community is a place where people share our celebrations, comfort us when we are bereaved, visit us when we are ill and help us when we are in trouble. And we are there for others.

We delight in the great moments of life, when a child is born/ bar/bat mitzvah, couple engaged/married, anniversary. These are not private celebrations, but moments when the whole community takes part. It's all about the 'we', not the 'I'.

One of the researchers who discovered that regular attendance at a place of worship added years to life expectancy hazarded a guess as to why. People who do so, he said, 'have friends and a sense of importance in the scheme of things'."

I honestly feel that these words of the Chief Rabbi could have been written about our community. During the spring and summer of 2000, members of the community sponsored the shul kiddushim for a variety of reasons: weddings, anniversaries, new babies, barmitzvahs, batmitvahs, even as a thank you for recovery from serious illness. During the same period, unfortunately, there were a number of bereavements. For all of these, the community was there to share with them.

In addition, we have many cultural and educational events, all designed to give our members a sense of belonging and inspiration.

I am delighted to be working with such an enthusiastic and caring group of Honorary Officers and Board of Management. We warmly welcome new members!